Trekking cottage holiday apartment, San Benedetto, Sardinia.

The trekking cottage apartment at San Benedetto, Iglesias, Sardinia is a place for people who love outdoor life, who love to be far away from the crowds but not isolated. Prices from £30 to £75 per day. Seasonal rates. For those who really want something extra you will be invited to a whole day sailing and snorkeling in some quite bays with an aperitif at lunchtime.

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Trekking cottage apartment is recommended only for those who like some adventure, you will find It is very well equipped and will sleep up to 4 persons quite comfortably, with one large double bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the lounge. There is a large bathroom, utility room, kitchen, living area, air conditioning in a very cosy atmosphere. The property dates back around 150years and was once the village bakery, and before restoring we removed the old iron oven where they used to bake the bread and pizza’s for the people who worked in the mines, as San Benedetto was once a thriving mining village. There is still a shop in the village where you can buy bread, milk, wine, beer, fruit, veg, etc. San Benedetto is located in a convenient position with easy access to beaches north & south of Iglesias.

Please note that there is now a phone signal at the apartment at long last.

Trekking cottage main entrance.

Most people come to Sardinia for its beaches. Beaches of Iglesias. As they have some of the best beaches in the world, and there are so many, most with soft golden sand only 15 minutes drive to the nearest. But Sardinia is not just about beaches, the trekking in this region is unbelievable with so many trails to follow. Trekking and mountain biking has become very popular in San Benedetto with the trekking cottage right where its all happening, just open the door and your there. And if that’s not enough then try your hand at rock climbing, there are so many climbs close by. how to get to the trekking cottage apartment.

Iglesias is just 8 klm so easy to reach by bike and all downhill so a pleasant ride to Iglesias, but be warned the ride back can be gruelling as its all uphill, so if not an experienced bike rider it could seem tough. If you like adventure then you will find many trails to follow in the mountains above Iglesias, or there is narrow road that will take you to Casa Marganai. The ride back down is fun and very fast. At Casa Marganai there is a museum set in a botanical garden and a very peaceful place to visit.

Main bedroom with double bed. Wood beamed ceiling.
Well equipped bathroom with shower.
Living area with large dining table, chairs, sofa which can open up to become a double bed.
Living area viewed through the archway to the kitchen.
Trekking cottage apartment.
Wide screen TV in living area to watch your favourite Italian programs.
View from living area window and entrance. Shade from the tree is very welcome in the summer.
San Benedetto, Iglesias, Sardegna, Sardinia
Old fashioned kitchen country style, very well equipped to prepare and cook that delicious Italian meal for two.
Utility room with washing machine. Very convenient for people who stay for longer periods.
Long corridor to connect all rooms.

This apartment is available all year with very low rates from October to June to encourage people who like winter breaks trekking, mountain biking, or rock climbing, canoeing. Which I will be more than happy to help with, even take you places if you wish, as its something I really enjoy doing.


Canoe along the cost of Sardegna, visit Pan di Zucherro, Masua, Porto flavia or visit the lagoons, laguna at Sant’Antioco.

Pass through the sea caves of the Sulcis as you canoe along the coast of Nebida, Iglesias, or enter the sea caves of San Pietro, Carloforte.
Cruise along the beaches of Iglesias in a canoe, this way you exercise and take in the sun. See beaches like Masua, Cala Domestic, Fontanamare, Capo Pecora Porto Paglia.
The beach at Scivu is one of the best beaches along this coast and never gets crowded. From the apartment it takes about 40 minutes, there is a good walk to reach the beach but its worth it.
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Reliable rail link from Cagliari airport to Iglesias. There is a direct link from Cagliari airport at Elmas to Iglesias, where you will find a very reliable bus link to San Benedetto. Many guest’s have arrived without transport and used this very reliable bus service. Also from Iglesias there are busses that go to most beaches in the summer months.

San Benedetto?

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