How to save 30% on the cost of your holiday abroad?

What do you do if you want to book a holiday abroad? Probably the first place you will look will be the internet for sure. Ok that’s fine, all I need to do is pick a place and book its that simple.

But is booking on line really that safe and what service do you get.

The first thing that will happen is more than likely when you start your search you will see in the first 3 lines the massive global travel agencies.

Who will be more than willing to take your credit card details before you can even start looking or speak to a person.

There is a solution though, which could save you a considerable amount of money?…..Speak with the owner or property manager direct, and save as much as 30% on a family holiday. ( enough to pay for car hire )

Many companies will claim to be dealing direct and in some cases true, at what cost though?…First of all there will be booking fee, then a service fee which could be around 15% then on top of that there will be the same fees charged to the owners to cover publishing etc, these also will be added so you are now paying 30% more.

Example = Say you book a villa on a beach location for 4 persons it could cost you lets say the owner wants 800€ a week and you would like 2 weeks that’s 1,600€ then if you add there fees and the owners at 15% each, it’s going to cost you an extra 480€ in fees. Thats quite a lot don’t you think!

The same two weeks booked direct with me will cost what the owner has asked for so you will pay 1,600€ as we add no fees.

So do not get sucked into the its safer and better to book with a big agent as you will certainly pay for it.



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