They are starting to arrive early this year, that’s good.

Yes they are starting to arrive early this year, that’s good news for my little apartment in the mountains, where time seems to have stayed still since the mines closed at San Benedetto.

San Benedetto where is San Benedetto as there are lots of San Benedetto’s all over the world, but there is only one San Benedetto like this one, situated in a remote spot in the mountains above Iglesias Sardinia on the edge of the national park of mount Marganai. A paradise of nature where time has forgotten to change the way of life, way down on the southwest coast of Sardinia.

Now you will either love the place or hate it but looking at comments on the whole most seem to like the fact its immersed in nature, where you open your door / window to hear only the sound of the sheep or goat bells as they pass along ancient goat and mining trails high in the mountains, or the sound of birds with there chorus like songs that change from month to month as many migrant birds stop off on there way to and from Europe / Africa.

In the springtime the mountains are full of so many different types of flowers and blossoms, which I love to take photo’s or to just look and admire the works of nature that so many of us don’t care about now but is very important to our survival or future.

One day San Benedetto will become famous as more and more people seem attracted by outdoor recreation holidays where you are in contact with nature, that’s why this year they are arriving early to not miss out on this spectacular event which has been happening for millions of years. Each year I get more and more people arriving in the springtime and this year is no exception, no need to worry about the chilly damp nights as the wood burner will be going when you arrive. Please contact me for more information here


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