Trekking holidays in Sardinia, for those on the move.

Maybe you have never thought of a trekking holiday, but these days their is a growing demand for for outdoor recreation holidays in Sardinia.

Now I’m not talking of walking from A to B at a pace of a commando in training, which is what most people do. They seem to want to arrive in the fastest time possible?……probably because there is a big lunch waiting. This does not interest me at all. Don’t you think it would be better to walk a relaxing pace, stopping frequently to admire the view or to photograph something interesting. This way you feel relaxed and happy, after all you have all day plus you have prepared a pack lunch which you can eat in surroundings that you don’t see every day. And if its a big meal you want then you eat on the evening!..  In a more relaxed atmosphere, then sleep so deep that your energy will be willing you to do it again. It’s like a drug.

I moved to Sardinia many years ago and fell in love with its wilderness and wild coastline which has lured me with its charm so now I just can’t get enough.

There are so many paths that you can take whether its along the coast or inland in the mountains, but for sure the views will be spectacular with many interesting things to see on the way.

You can go trekking all the year round if you like and change your routes according to the seasons, so here is a few ideas that might get you interested. In the spring why not go to San Benedetto above Iglesias in the mountain of Marganai, here you will find some exciting paths with lots of wild flowers with rare Orchids growing wild in abundance, pass through the largest Oak forest in Europe, also from here you can take the path to San Giovanni caves at Domusnovas, a great walk with a great surprise at the end as this cave is amazing being almost a kilometre in length which you can walk through for free. It is stunning and will remain with you forever.

Summertime now that’s a different story so I would recommend a coastal trail which arrives to a beach or passes close by, so you can have a swim to cool down, but for this you need to take plenty of water and a pack lunch as you will not want to walk in the midday heat which can reach 40° some days, one such walk is Capo Pecora to Scivu a lovely walk of about 8 kilometers each way and very easy with only a small climb at the beginning, taking you through breathtaking landscapes, to descend to one of the most unspoilt beaches along this coast, to arrive and probably have the beach to yourself. You will find white sand and crystal clear sea. This is one of my favorite walks.

Autumn I would choose Goruneddu to Portoscuso, this is a coastal walk which takes you very close to the sea and always in view, starting at the beach of Goruneddu then along the shore, a very short climb onto the path above then you just follow the coast all the way to Portoscuso, passing many interesting things along the way with some of the most dramatic scenery that you can imagine. Once again a pack lunch is recommend as the path although only 10 kilometers each way it can be slow in some places with big rocks and spiny bushes. This walk I like as there are plenty of bars in Portoscuso so a refreshing beer is always welcome. Best leave a car in Portoscuso as you may not want to walk back.

Winter now when the going gets tough the tough get going, I love to walk in winter as you can do any off the walks mentioned, but my favorite has to be San Benedetto as you might even have snow which makes it even more interesting, starting at Mamenga picnic area or if staying in the Cottage apartment at San Benedetto from your door. From here you will find many marked paths with maps and signs, taking you through dense forest that you might think you were in Lord of the Rings. Great place and highly recommended.

That’s about it for now. So please if you want more information just get in touch. I would love to show you around.


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