Not only trekking keeps you fit, so what do I do when I’m not trekking?

It’s mountain biking of course, but why do I put myself through this’ one might ask?

I must admit I am a person who can’t stay still, I need to be on the move for whatever reason I do not know. I think it’s mainly because I like to explore and both trekking or mountain biking are free. When I say free I mean you can go where you like more or less with no cost. Except maybe for a decent pair of trekking boots or a mountain bike. The rest is free.


My mountain bike is old, I have had it 20 years but who cares as it does the job, or should I say it does the job for me as I like to travel alone most of the time stopping to take photos or to admire the view.


The whole point is to enjoy what you do not just exercise without a purpose, for me if I take my mountain bike, even if I have to put it in my car so i can drive to a new destination then explore on my bike it fulfills everything. I see new and amazing places, a good workout, take lots of photos, and the best part is its normally all downhill on the way back. Then of course there is always that nice refreshing beer to be enjoyed afterwards, the same goes for trekking of course.


It is always so nice when you arrive over the hill and there is a beautiful bay just waiting for you, so you slowly make your way down then find a nice spot, maybe even take a swim in the warm Mediterranean sea which is possible up to around December, before making my way along the coast in hope to discover new and interesting places. I must admit my legs are not always up to it with some of the steeper climbs, so I have to walk a bit but I don’t care so long as I am outside or on the move.


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