It was Sunday morning with the sun shining as usual, as it does here in Sardinia and has done since around February” we have not had rain since for 8 months, my garden is all but destroyed, we get water once a week?….This is Europe we are talking about not Africa, although I suppose we are quite close to it. 

Luckily I installed two large water tanks so as regards to washing, cleaning etc we are ok, but the poor old garden has taken its toll, when the rain comes it will recover ( I hope ) well there is not much I can actually do about it apart doing a rain dance, the problem is I’m not much of a dancer so I will give that a miss on this occasion.

Sorry all this has nothing to do with what I really wanted to tell you, don’t worry we will arrive there soon I promise. Well it does in a way because without water and my garden more or less dead. I don’t have much to do so I was bored.

To pass the time I cooked a nice lunch, plus I ate it along with a few glasses of wine, then felt tired, fell to sleep, woke up then thought I need to burn off this huge lunch I have just devoured, so let’s take one of my dogs for a trekking adventure, good idea the voice in my head said…….Off you go! But where?.. Not to far as it will be dark in a few hours.

Dog, rucksack, boots, staff, all in the car and on our way to Pan di Zucchero at Masua, Nebida on the South west coast of Sardinia ( Bread of sugar or Sugar loaf ) Its funny as it seems most countries have a sugar loaf mountain? Anyway there it is in the distance and so majestic as it rises out of the sea as if its trying to grow taller. I parked my car at the end of a very long rough track at around 350mts ASL here my trek started.


This was the splendid view that greeted me at the start of my trek.

So off we went, first along an old gravel road then we started our decent down a very narrow path which will eventually lead us to a small and very beautiful cove admiring the view of Pan di Zucchero as the angle of light changed its shape and colour with every step. About 30 mins we arrived at the beach, where many years ago small boats would have come to collect the minerals that were extensively mined in this region. We sat here for a while to watch the sea, a sea that I am attracted to in a way similar to addiction “I can’t get enough”

Santa Barbara,beach,pan di Zucchero,Nebida,Sardinia

I sat there for a while


The sea is like addiction

What goes down now has to go up, so at this point we left this awesome cove and headed along the coast climbing with every step with some parts quite steep which could be dangerous to an inexperienced walker as the path was full of loose rocks, plus the fact that we will reach a hight of around 300mts a!omg shear cliffs. We continued to climb with my German Shepherd – Maya always ahead of me like an Indian scout.

Maya was always ahead of me.

We reached the peak of this trail, Maya arrived first of course I came second with aching legs, the climb was worth the effort as we looked down at the old mining and fishing port called Portu Ferro 300mts straight down, it looked so small as we looked down at it, with panoramic views from above. From this point we started to climb down this very steep path of loose rocks, stopping regularly to take in the view.

Potu Ferro,Nebida,Sardinia

Portu Ferro looked so small 300mts below.

Panoramic view,Nebida,Sardinia

The panoramic views were amazing.

We finely arrived at the port which like most things around here it was abandoned when the mining industry collapsed back in the 80s and 90s. This port was also used to ferry the minerals in small boats to bigger boats that were anchored further out to sea, now occupied by some individual fishermen, but one could only imagine how it was. At this point Maya and me were starting to feel tired and hungry so these thoughts in my head made me think about making our way back to the car which was parked at the top of this mountain in a beautiful location where if we hurry might see the sun setting, which along this coast of Nebida are truly amazing. I took a few pics, sat for a while thinking how lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful place, where when trekking hardly ever see anybody. Come on “Maya” Andiamo su per la macchina” as she responds only if I speak Italian. We made are way up the winding gravel path which before probably had tracks for a small train.

Porto Ferro,Sardinia,Iglesias,Nebida

The old port Portu Ferro some of the wall remains.

The path back to the car was long and steep taking almost an hour to get back to the car, now really hungry and desperate for a beer, but we have not finished yet as there is still the sunset to watch as it would be a shame to miss it as its almost down. I found a nice rock to sit on, gave some water to Maya which she seemed to enjoy, drank some myself, camera at the ready, did lots of thinking then there it was. Even Maya was impressed and we watched it together. What a beautiful moment and one I never get fed up of.


Maya watching the sun set at Nebida.


Truly a special moment to watch the sun set at Nebida.

This was a nice ending to a lovely day with my dog Maya. All we have to do now is drive back home but not before stopping for a nice beer. Its days like this I think life is beautiful and we should cherish every moment.


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