You only get one chance in life so don’t waste it.

It all changed for me after my wife died at the age of 46. It really took the wind out of my sails, my right arm had been severed.

I was also 46 and my small business was doing well, mainly due to the fact I had a good woman behind me, which is always a bonus. When I say a good woman I mean we were married 25 years 3 children 2 in private school. While I was working she kept everything else in order even as my secretary, we didn’t want for anything. But we hardly saw each other, as I worked my socks off from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week. Returning home exhausted. We were robots of the system that just wanted more possessions? A big mistake as you only get one chance. So why spend our time working?

Anyway from that day my life needed and started to change. The first thing that changed was that work and money seemed less important plus with a Family, house, garden, etc I didn’t have much choice. In fact I have not worked since. What an idiot working like I did, never seeing my beautiful wife. I soon realised that there was no need. As I was English and had done and paid my bit it was now pay back time.

Suddenly there was no mortgage, no school fees. Ok no work or money coming in but in situations like this its all taken care of if you follow the right channels.

Then one by one my family started to make there own lives. One started working and moved in with her boyfriend, one left to travel, the other went to China teaching. So home alone and enjoying not working but realising I can’t go on like this as the money won’t last.

So now I thought I have 2 choices? ..One is get my business back up and running or change my life completely, this I will need time to think. Or that’s what I thought.

Then one day I was invited to Sardinia for a holiday, from that point on my life was about to change. And very fast.

I thought that’s it problem solved, I returned home put the house up for sale, then 6 months later I moved to Sardinia built my house which I am still living in and still not working. I am now 65 spend most of my time trekking, mountain biking, sailing, fishing, and drinking wine I have 4 German Shepherds which are my life, grow my own fruit & vegetables, rent out a few holiday homes which helps to make ends meet which I enjoy immensely. My family love to come on holiday here, so what more do I need.

I am writing this just so others do not make the same mistake as I did, the main thing is don’t leave it to late. If anyone has the same idea I would be more than happy to answer questions. You only get one chance.


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