As soon as we met I knew this was my destiny.

As soon as I met Milo I knew we were going to be mates.

Trekking has always been in my blood, now its my pastime, even as a child I was always out exploring the countryside where I used to live  ( Bristol.) I don’t think I ever was a normal child, because while other children played football or touch, I was out with my brother looking for bird nests or ponds to catch Newts & Tadpoles. Then when I was bigger i went fishing, I just can’t stay indoors, I need to be exploring.

So it was just a natural progression to go trekking, but the main reason is that it’s simple and free, all you need is a good set of boots and your done. Then you can trek where you like, but for me as I now live in Sardinia its mountains, beaches, or coastal paths. Normally I like to cover around 20 klm so I get a big appetite to enjoy my meal when I return.

My trekking really changed when I acquired my dogs all 5 of them, yes 5 which are made up of 4 big German Shepherds, and Labrador cross. I know you should not have favorites but Milo has become part of me and is now my shadow. Where I go Milo goes, its a bit like that. Milo’s partner. Maya.

It all started here.

Then he just kept on growing and growing into a beautiful adult dog.

At 6 months

Now I am usually trekking at least 3 times a week in the mountains at the back of my house. The mountain is called Marganai which is 1,000mts in height, it is full of old mining paths with many remains of the past, I love to walk these trails, then find a nice panoramic point then just sit there a while and think, or even watch the sun setting.

I love just to sit there and think.

Sometimes we go trekking in the night with a head torch, this for me is a real experience and one we should all try. At night it is so peaceful to be out alone just walking with Milo. Then to reach the top of the mountain and look down on the town of Iglesias thinking how everyone else are sat in their homes watching tv or tucked up in bed. What a waste of life, work, sleep, work, sleep, why?

Milo is always alert, trekking at night.

In the summer months we like to go trekking along coastal paths, sometimes climbing down to explore beaches and small isolated coves, being the only ones there, then maybe swim or snorkel. Even Milo likes to explore the rock pools and lagoons.

Milo loves to explore the beaches.

Trekking is my pastime, and something I enjoy doing, you are all welcome to join me anytime, then your life will change.

Regards Stephen.  Just the place.


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