My day started almost perfect this Sunday morning for my big adventure outdoors alone.

Having just had some repairs done on my mountain bike i was ready to put it to the test with a nice relaxing ride from my home into the mountains above Domusnovas. I left around 9 am feeling strong and headed along a gravel path in the direction of Domusnovas, this I have done many times and know it well. Arriving at the Grotte di San Giovanni.

I arrived at the Grotte di San Giovanni at Domusnovas.

From here I pick up the trails which go in all different directions, so I thought I will make up my mind as I go using my GPS. I chose a path which will take me to Aranas, which is high in the mountains.

It really felt like Autumn.

This was a path that will take me through one of the oldest natural Oak forests in Europe, it felt like a real Autum day with the ground full of leaves and light drizzle falling, I could have been anywhere. It was perfect and I was the only person, there was no one. The trail was easy going with a slight climb so I made good time.

I reached at this point around 600mts

The trail just went on and on, a lot longer than I had thought with the trail getting steeper and steeper combined with large rocks and stones. Some places so steep I had to get off and walk sometimes, which I hate doing, but then I tell myself well you are 65 so don’t over do it. After about 2 hours of going up hill I arrived at the start of a protected area and had climbed to around 600 mts with spectacular views. It was at this point I realised that I had a problem?

I reached the national park.

Yes i had a problem, not serious though I thought!….. its just a loose saddle so I will tighten it. Now where is the key to tighten it?.. Oh no when I fitted the saddle I must have left it at home?  I checked my GPS I had no signal so no map just the altitude plus how far I had travelled before I lost the signal = 20 klms. So do I turn around and go back or continue without map?…  After much consideration I thought I did not like the thought of going back down that rocky steep path with a loose saddle as it might get painful and could be a pain in the —

The saddle became loose and kept tilting upwards.

Now if I keep on going and keep taking left trails I should arrive at Perda Niedda where I think might be a tarmac road as there is an Agriturismo there and a tarmac road so should be less painful. This was a mistake as the trail just got more difficult with ups and downs plus another 20 klms in total well I suppose it would have been the same if I had turned around, plus I would not have experienced the fantastic view that greeted me at around 750mts.

Over the rocks tough going but the view was fantastic at 750mts

Eventually I arrived at the Agriturismo at Perda Niedda and to a nice smooth downhill ride back to Domusnovas, through the cave, then just another 7 klms of not so pleasant gravel white road to arrive at my home. It was so nice when I walked through the door to see my lunch ready and my wine in the glass waiting for me. Perfect timing then all of a sudden everything was fine. I covered all in all 50klms and was peddling 5 hours mostly uphill with an average speed of 10 klms an hour and reached a top speed of 40 klms an hour.

Planning my next trip?…..


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