A real immersion in nature.

Trekking in Sardinia has always amazed me to the point I can’t get enough. ( trekking that is guys) We were walking for 6 hours a!though the GPS says different. First we made coffee, then off we went. We reached a height of 860mts of mainly dense forest, where in some parts reminded me of the film Lord of the Rings. Sundays here it can be dangerous to walk in the forests as its wild boar hunting.There were hunters everywhere and the sound of gunshots frequently in the distance but not to close to do any harm. We saw many lone hunting dogs that had lost the plot, so followed us for a while, then just disappeared again like they didn’t exist. When we reached the highest point on this trek 860mts we had fantastic views and could see all the mountain ranges. At this point it was also time for lunch, which was welcomed, accompanied with half a litre of wine to restore the energy used while trekking. We saw many old mining ruins and very old trees as we continued to climb, we even looked for mushrooms in the dark forests, but were not successful. Eventually we reached Perda Niedda here there is an Agriturismo so we stopped for a well deserved beer. Then an hours walk back to the car, where we made coffee before returning home.

The views over the mountains were spectacular.
This old tree must have been centuries old.
This old mining ruin is slowly decaying, but the arch always remain intact.
This forest is the biggest in the Mediterranean.

The distance we covered was 15klm in total. A truly memorable day.

We walked mainly through dense forest.

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