This time I got it right.

It was midnight I was sleeping on the sofa in probably the worst position possible after another boring tv film, so I decided to take my 4 German Shepherds for a walk?

Don’t be alarmed its something I do every night before going to bed, but its dark how do you see? Ha ha I thought you would ask me that. Well its easy, I have a head torch and when its on full beam it would put any car to shame, which is strange being that its made in China. I need a good light to make sure that I don’t meet anyone, not because I’m scared or afraid of the dark, but I’m not sure what 4 very large German Shepherds will do to a person. As they are pack animals plus the fact I should be leader of the pack but I don’t want to put it to the test at midnight.

That evening like all evening walks went without a problem, it was a beautiful night, so still without wind with only the rumor of the crickets sounding like an orchestra following the hands of the conductor. I do love the Mediterranean nights of music, at this point I decided to go to the Lagoon in the morning with my mountain bike to explore this splendor of nature on a breathless day.

I just stood and was amazed at the stillness of the lagoon.

I woke up early at first light the next morning exited about my adventure to the Lagoon. I have been many times but not to this part. The bike was loaded into my car along with my rucksack and provisions.

I arrived at the banks of the Lagoon after a 20 minute drive, removed my bike, then just stood amazed to see how calm and still the shallow lagoon was. A truly beautiful day with absolutely no wind, not even a breath, this I thought was perfect.

There were many dead jellyfish strewn a!omg the beach, I found this one still very much a!I’ve.
I passed through pine forests with the fragrance of pine so strong along the shores of the lagoon.
I found this beach, which I have to say was paradise. I did not see one person on the whole trip, so with temps in the 20°s made it special.
Time to relax so this log was perfect to sit and take time out.
I cycled a!omg beaches, touching the water at times.
I road along sandy, Rocky, muddy, tarmac trails with the lagoon always in view.
The end of the road, now I need to turn back.

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