The silence of the forest was such a delight

I had another fascinating mountain bike ride today and the silence of the forest was such a delight as I slowly made my way along some very narrow and spectacular trails, I saw no one. Making it even more special.

The trail was awesome and quite narrow in places.


19 thoughts on “The silence of the forest was such a delight

    1. Living or just staying? I love the silence. But the mouths yes I know but most are like it.


    1. I love living in tents as long as it’s not a permanent thing. Don’t worry you will inherit the earth, how many people will be able to say that.


    1. It’s difficult times for all, my life has changed somewhat , but it was my choice to live without possessions. I could never go back to working 24/7 I am healthy and enjoy life. That to me is very important.


      1. I live in a small house in the country which I more or less built myself with a reasonable plot of land in Sardinia.


      2. I can only imagine. Here I live the slow life and love it, a bit like going back in time where people still use real money not bitcoin etc.

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  1. I’ve been doing that for years, we do favours for favours and no money exchanges, this way you can live with very little money.


      1. But what is success? I think it’s being content and happy, not just money or position.


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