Time to start preparing for next year with mushrooms!

Today I had a pleasant morning discovering some new trails for my guests who have already started making enquiries for 2018. It was one of those breathless days with extremely fine rain so quite damp, but then I like this sort of weather. I was accompanied by my German Shepherd Milo once again, I do love Mi!o dearly he is a wonderful dog. Whilst we were walking we also checked for mushrooms in the forest of Marganai, this Milo loves to do and is a great help. We didn’t walk for long, around 3 hrs, but found a nice trail and a link to another, so if completed would be around 6 hours trekking! Perfect for my guests. After not finding any mushrooms we returned home in Time for our lunch, and of course my daily intake of Sardinian wine, to make me ready for a nice sleep next to the wood burner. “A perfect day”

Milo likes to look for mushrooms in the forest.
Milo loves to look out over the mountains when we are trekking.
I found a nice trail for my guests at the #trekkingcottage

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