I’m not sure if I really like Christmas?

I’m not sure if I really like Christmas, because I would rather be out trekking or on my mountain bike high in the mountains somewhere at the back of where I live, exploring ancient trails of the past or in dense forests looking for mushrooms. Walking along deserted beaches looking for fossils and shells to photograph. Fishing from the rocks to catch fish to make a fish soup. Sampling wines from our local vineyard to accompany the fish. Working in my vegetable garden.

But tradition tells me I must conform to the rules of society even if I don’t want to because it’s Christmas! If I don’t do this I am being selfish? The thing is I find the whole Christmas thing boring mainly due to the fact that I want to be out there in the wilderness. But instead its indoors eating yourselves to the point of no return, and almost binge drinking as someone keeps filling your glass as they want you to become one of them. Traditionalist Even that I could live with if it was just one day, in fact that part is not that bad really it depends on who you are with. But Christmas starts about 3 days before with the Christmas shopping which seems endless and goes on right up to the last hour on Christmas eve.

The problem is even after the most popular day in the calendar Christmas it doesn’t stop there because first there is boxing day, then one needs to start preparing for new years eve and day, so another few days of shopping for food etc plus now there are the sales. So basically I have lost more than a week of doing what I really like to do. So am I selfish. 

I did manage sneak out on my mountain bike actually on boxing day for a few hours in the forest but I returned home late for lunch! Now that’s selfish for sure!…… 

I do like to stop and take photos whenever I can.

Mountain, biking, forest, Sardinia, Christmas
I managed to sneak out on boxing day for a ride.

Trails. Trekking, mountain, biking, Sardinia, Iglesias
The ride back home was fantastic along this old mining trail.


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