Do you need to go out just so you can come home?

It’s a strange question, but do you enjoy going out because it’s nice when you return home. Well that’s exactly what I did today and need to do at least twice a week, why I don’t know? All I know is when I return home after 3 or 4 hours mountain biking or trekking it feels so nice to return home and open the door, the smell of dinner cooking, wood burner glowing and crackling with a slight smell of burning wood, table ready with a full glass of red wine, salami, Parma ham, olives, fresh bread from the oven with oil and salt, salad, for antipasti, to be followed with a main course of pasta with fish or vegetables, then if I’m still hungry maybe an ice cream or fruit, sometimes both, then coffee, liquor. The shower running and my evening cloths all ready for me. Then if im really lucky a nice massage and rub down before a good night’s sleep. I just love to go out so I can come home?

Mountain biking, Sardegna
This trail was very narrow.
Mountain biking, Sardegna
I love to explore on my bike.
Mountain biking, Sardegna
Can’t wait to get home.
Mountain biking, Sardegna
The views were awesome.

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