The lone rider!…

I don’t know why but I love my own company. It’s strange that even as a child I played quite happily on my own, and yet strangely enough I do enjoy company and often throw dinner parties at my home for friends and guests. But for sure when im out on my mountain bike im The Lone Rider I just love to do this alone. The main reason is that there are not many people willing to join me at my age ( 65 ) so if others join me they are usually much younger, they then resent the fact that I am sometimes or seem to be fitter than them, they spend a fortune on there bikes, all the latest gear which is very colourful. They challenge me which I hate as I then rise to the occasion and often win, making matters worse as they then try to explain that there back has been giving them problems recently, or there knees are playing up or there is a fault on their bike? The only problem is my recovery rate these days are slower, but I say nothing.

Mountain bike, trails, Sardegna, mines
This is what I really enjoy, discovering old trails. I love to ride at a gentle pace and take in the scenery, stopping frequently to take photos which I then love to share. When im doing this I’m The lone rider, sometimes staying out all day, to then stop at a nice view point to eat my lunch and enjoy a little wine to give me the courage for a fast decent.
Mountain biking, Sardegna, mines
These trails were left abandoned when the mines closed, they are old train tracks and now make interesting trails that take you along the cliff edge.
Mountain biking, Sardegna, mines
Always nice to have lunch at a nice view point.
Mountain biking, Sardegna, mines
The tunnels are nice to explore, but one needs to dismount as they are low.

7 thoughts on “The lone rider!…

      1. Thank you Matthew for me it’s paradise as I could not hack City life anymore. If you like tranquillity it’s perfect, then if you like fresh food and excellent wines like I do, it’s even more perfect. Do you do any sports?

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      2. I know what to mean.

        Yes, I love to bike and hike. I also enjoy picnicking and eating outside. Sardegna looks like the perfect place to pack a lunch with some wine and enjoy the Mediterranean scenery. You really made a wise choice in living there.

        Love your postings!

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