Things did not go as planned. So Asparagus recipe.

The plan today if you remember was to go trekking along the coast, but things did not go as planned. I prepared my rucksack the night before in anticipation for a day trekking with my German Shepherd Milo. I awoke around 7 am and gazed out of the window, not looking good I thought. It was raining and quite heavy, so a change of plan was needed so as not to waste a precious Sunday by remaining indoors? So after breakfast and much thinking! I decided to pick wild asparagus which grows in abundance in the hedgerows where I live. Ok I’m going to get wet but who cares, so off I went. It was everywhere, even from the start then after about 1 hour & 30 minutes I had enough for lunch, but I was soaked to the skin, no problem on returning home, wood burner piping hot, quick shower, coffee then start preparing the spoils. Check out my recipe in the second photo.

Sardegna, mountains, rain, asparagi, asparagus
I knew as soon as I looked out of the window things are not to go as planned.
Asparagus, Sardegna, cooking,
Wild asparagus ( asparagi ) can be cooked in many ways, so here is one. First of all wash the asparagus well, remove more or less half it’s length so only using the upper part, cut into about half inch pieces then boil in salted water 10 minutes, then in another pan add olive oil, garlic, chilli and cook just a few seconds, then with a slotted spoon add the boiled asparagus to the garlic, oil etc and cook for around 10 mins adding water from the saucepan if necessary conserving the water to use to cook the pasta. When the pasta is ready add to the cooked asparagus mix well and serve immediately, adding maybe grated cheese on top. Also a nice white wine to accompany the dish. Buon appetito.

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