It went cloudy so I picked wild Asparagus.

Instead of a walk on the beach, I decided to picked wild Asparagus, which grows in abundance very close to my house, normally in the months of Jan, Feb, Mar, then I will prepare cook and eat with pasta. If you like here is my recipe. your recipe.

Asparagus, Asparagi, Sardegna, travel, holiday
Wild Asparagus grows in abundance at this time of year in Sardegna

7 thoughts on “It went cloudy so I picked wild Asparagus.

    1. Hi Monica, yes it grows from the beginning of February and lasts about 2 months so I just walk out my door and pick it when we need it, normally about twice a week. If we pick enough then we mix with egg and flour then fry. Absolutely delicious. We also pick wild mushrooms at this time of year.

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      1. This is fantastic, where I live it doesn’t grow that way only in the fields, I would love to eventually plant them when I own my home to do that too. It must be really good and healthier 🙂

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