Travel and taste the food.

Travel to taste the food, that’s what I say. When you arrive at your holiday destination taste the real food of that location.

Eat what is in season and you can’t go wrong as this way it’s always fresh. That’s if you are cooking it yourself, I always do as I don’t trust restaurants to use freshly picked vegetables or fish caught that day. Look I know I keep going on about Asparagus, but this year it is everywhere this month in Sardinia, so if it keeps growing I will keep picking, many of my guests have enjoyed this when they have stayed at my Cottage in the mountains and I have even been known to cook up a treat for guests if they wish and always with what is in season. One such dish which I’m sure by now you have all seen in previous posts, so sorry here it is again. Last weeks recipe. But today I cooked it in a different way as we had quite a lot, this way is not much good if you are on a diet though but delicious.

Today’s recipe.

First of all remove the bottom stems more or less 50% of the Asparagus keeping the soft top parts, now you can boil it in salted water or without boiling, whichever you prefer, but I boiled it for 10 minutes this way you know its soft, then just remove with a slotted spoon and transfer to a mixing bowl and add 2 to 4 eggs some flour. This will depend on how much asparagus you have, then mix well beating in the eggs and flour until you have a thick creamy pesto sauce. Now heat some oil in a pan, you will want to use about half a bottle of oil as it needs to be quite deep, then when spitting hot just add the mixture with a spoon by letting it drop from the spoon naturally into the hot oil, they cook very quickly so go careful not to overcook, turning frequently. When cooked remove and place on kitchen absorbing paper. Eat immediately while still hot. If you don’t have wild Asparagus you can always buy the cultivated type, but the taste is different. Enjoy your meal.

It can be served with meat fish or vegetables, today I served with garlic potatoes and salad.

Travel, cook, food, sardinia
Asparagus fritters.
Travel, cook, food, sardinia
Remove and place on absorbant kitchen paper.
Travel, food, cook, sardinia
Serve immediately with meat or vegetables.

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