Today was perfect. For me anyway.

Today for me was one of those perfect days, but why.

First of all, when i woke up to a beautiful sunny fresh morning, my first thoughts were I need to go out and about today. So after breakfast, which being the fact that I believe that when in Rome do as the Romans do, and Sardinia is more or less the same latitude as Rome, so it was a nice Caffè late or cappuccino with a nice cake and biscuits. After I decided to go and pick wild asparagus for lunch, I found quite a lot, then washed and prepared, cooked added to pasta, then enjoyed my lunch. After lunch because of a few glasses of wine, I fell to sleep in front of the wood burner. Awoke around 3. 30 thinking I need to go out again, so a nice 20 km bike ride to check on the water situation at the dam. When I arrived at the dam there was a deafening noise of the water being pumped in from springs below the ground. This was a wonderful site to see as the lake was empty and we had water once a week because it hasn’t rained much this year, so now water every day I hope. I returned home around 5.30 then took the dogs for there walk before a nice shower, then dinner, plus more wine, now writing for my WordPress blog before retiring for a good night’s sleep. Thank you all.

Mountain bike, Sardegna, lake, diga, travel
The dam now has water as they pump it from below the ground.

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