Lone travelers must not hike alone.

Lots of people these days are lone travelers, I have had many past guests come and stay at my cottage apartment who travel alone, who enjoy the true nature with a rucksack and walking boots. I am much the same really as I spend most days trekking or mountain biking on my own, trying to discover new places or trails that I have not trodden. So its always a pleasure when a solo guest arrives and I can show them some nice trails or beaches that can only be reached on foot. Also if a lone traveller ( especially for women) its much safer to be accompanied by someone.

It is so important if you are a lone traveller and like to hike alone, make sure that you tell someone where you plan to go and always switch on the GPS on your phone, take plenty of water, snacks, lamp, even a lighter to make a fire if out all night as the temp can drop below freezing. But always safer in two or more.

Yesterday while out on my mountain bike I came across a young woman from Switzerland who was lost in the dense forest and only an hour of light left, plus it was raining, so I showed her the way back and she was very grateful for my help. Who knows what might have happened had I not come along. Next time she said she will go with a guide.


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