A beach a day / Masua Second beach.

Masua has several beaches, with two of the biggest made up of sand, this is the second beach and very popular with surfers if it is windy with waves that can reach 4 mts in hight, but in general its quite calm, being the main reason its popular with families in the peak season. There is a steep flight of wooden steps to the beach so may not suit everyone. There is a bar and restaurant on the beach and even a happy hour with cocktails on the evening. This is a lovely beach with very soft sand, with amazing views, you will find in June ( when I took the photo ) that there are not many people on the beach even though temps are in the 30s. The beach is just 20 minutes from Trekking cottage by car. Also in this area there is fantastic trekking to be had along the coast with many historical things to see.

Masua, beach, sardinia
Lovely beach and not many people in June.

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