A beach a day / Calasetta beach.

Calasetta beach is the main beach at Calasetta Sardinia, situated right in the small town. Just 200 mts from the port of Calasetta. On the Beach there is a bar, restaurant, umbrellas, beds, etc parking can be difficult in August so maybe better to park in the port of Calasetta and walk, also the port is interesting with a market there most days, or you might want to take the ferry to Carloforte, well worth the effort to visit this historical town. Calasetta is about 45 minutes drive from the trekking cottage or if on foot you can take a bus from Iglesias.

Calasetta, beach, Sardinia, travel
Nice beach in the heart of the small seaside town of Calasetta, with its soft white sand and calm sea, it’s a favorite beach for families.

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