It was so nice to share my Sandwich.

Last Sunday I made the decision to go trekking with one of my dogs ( I have 5 dogs ) even though the forecast was not looking good, possibility of wind, rain, thunder, in the hope that they were wrong. I can tell you now they were not wrong in any shape or form, but I went just the same. I am so glad as it was such a memorable day.

I Arrived at Capo Pecora at around 10 am with Maya the oldest dog in my pack after about an hours drive from my house at Iglesias and yes it was dismal with fine rain and wind, but who cares I am English, were used to rain aren’t we!… I put on my walking boots and rucksack and headed off in the direction of Scivu to explore this amazing beach that can only be reached on foot. It was a pleasant walk of about 2 hours in each direction of moderate terrain, climbing only a few hundred meters before descending along narrow winding paths with streams and juniper bushes in abundance, always the sea and coast in view, with the scenery some of the best in Sardinia. It was a shame it was raining, but still pleasant all the same. When we arrived at the beach there was only us, which is not surprising with such bad weather, but even on a nice day you won’t find many that want to do the walk. There was a small waterfall cascading down the rocky face, creating an oasis for wildlife and a pleasant sound of running water, which had cut a small canal deep into the sand. We strolled along the beach and back for about an hour, then when the rain stopped for a bit we sat down for lunch, and it was so nice to share my Sandwich with Maya.

After our very short lunch break we headed off back along the same path that we came, and at quite a fast pace as it was now raining very hard, I was starting to feel cold inside as the rain trickled down my neck making my clothes well and truly soaked. Poor Maya was soaked also but seemed to be enjoying this magical moment together. Then the car was insight and what a joy, as I did bring a change of clothing and a beer was awaiting me also. After a quick change I sat in the car to finish our lunch and enjoy my beer, sharing another sandwich with Maya, whilst watching the sea on both sides as the wind picked up strength, then a short nap before returning home.

Trekking, outdoor, sardinia
This was our starting point.
Trekking, travel, Sardegna
At the high point the view was spectacular but hampered by the fine rain.
Trekking, sardinia, holiday, travel
We passed several streams.
Trekking, travel, Sardegna
Maya enjoyed walking in the streams.
Trekking, travel, Sardegna
There was a small waterfall on the beach.
Trekking, travel, Sardegna
There was no one else on the beach, so i walked with Maya up and down for an hour
Trekking, travel, Sardegna
We headed for the rocks where i enjoyed sharing my sandwich with Maya.
Trekking, travel, Sardegna.
We returned to the car where i had a change of clothes and a beer waiting.
Trekking, travel, Sardegna
I shared another Sandwich with Maya, a short nap, then a quick walk around Capo Pecora before heading off back home. This was a lovely day out and one which i will always remember.

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