Should dogs have cushions, beds, or just sleep on the floor?

I have 4 German shepherds, and each one has his or hers cushion, they rotate from time to time, as for them I suppose the grass is greener. But although they have the option to sleep on the floor they don’t, probably because they like us need something soft under them. Beds and sofas are out of bounds for my dogs, mainly because of the fur or for hygienic reasons, but many people do. I have heard people saying that all dogs should sleep on the floor and know there place, or remain outside in a kennel, some even suggest that they are chained up. I’m not one of those that’s for sure and for me dogs are part of the family, they eat when we eat, they sleep when we sleep and when we go out they are completely free outside keeping a watchful eye and waiting for are arrival. I have never had a problem with my dogs and they are very social with people if we are present.


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