The fridge was bare so i made do.

It was one of those days with to many things to do, small things around the house and Garden, so the last thing i want to do is go shopping. But what about lunch? I opened the fridge and it was bare, so i started to look around kind of desperate now, and all i found was 2 carrots, 4 plum tomatoes, 6 potatoes, i had onions in my garden, a bag of lentils. That’s it then a sort of a lentil soup. So i chucked it all into a large saucepan, added 2 litres of water, chilli, stock cube, boiled then simmered for 30 minutes, added some parsley from the garden, toasted yesterday’s bread, lunch was ready. Plus i have to say how delicious it was and how pleased of what i did with so little. It just needs some imagination.


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