Another pleasant weekend…..

The weather here in Sardinia has been absolutely fantastic with the sun shining most days, so I decided to go for a nice relaxing ride on my mountain bike around the Laguna di Sant’Antioco. I decided on the lagoon because it’s mostly flat and I haven’t been out for a while, so thought it was a good place to start and then build up. So my bike was put into the car and off I went. When I arrived at the lagoon it was almost still with just a slight breeze.

The trail can be tough going in places due to deep sand, but its always a pleasant ride as most of the time you are alongside the lagoon and in places in it. I found some nice beaches some which I had all to myself, I watched the fishermen collecting cockles from the rich sand and mud, others were laying and checking there nets, some Flamingos passed overhead but I wasn’t quick enough to take a photo.

I even made a friend on the way!…… A stray dog that seemed to follow me and wanted to play, a sort of German Shepherd cross, but he was friendly and I enjoyed his company. When I reached the point called Punta trettu I found a small family on the beach enjoying the warm waters of the lagoon. At that point I waded in as well and walked about 1 klm into the lagoon as its very shallow. Dried off and made my way back to my car. All in all a very pleasant day and highly recommended.

There was no wind at the lagoon, perfect conditions for a ride.

I had this beach all to myself.

It was tough in the deep sand.

That’s where I’m heading, Punta trettu.

I left my bike at the edge of the lagoon and waded in.

The water was warm in the lagoon.

The friend I made at the beach.


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