In a group or just do your own thing? …

This topic has come up many times so what are the pro’s and cons of both?

I go trekking most weekends, normally with a friend or just on my own with my dog, as it’s a great passion of mine to be outdoors, but from time to time i get invited to go with large groups to help or just to make up the numbers, so i have had a lot of experience on both sides of the coin.

I suppose it will depend on what you are looking for, just trekking or a way to meet new friends, but whatever your choice its nice to be out there with nature. I like both in the sense I love meeting people but I love my own space as well.

When I go alone or with a friend it’s something very special and to be cherished, as its all yours, walk the pace that suits you, stop when and where you like to take photos, or even change the route to make it longer or shorter or to visit something that might interest you. It’s all up to you and sounds great if you are an experienced hiker or walker. But what if your not?….Hiking in places you are not familiar with alone can be dangerous without a guide or local maps, also there are weather conditions etc which can change very quickly in mountain regions, so there are many factors to consider for a safe passage. You will need to do your homework first, not just step out into the wild. If your not up to this or new to trekking, then a group or guide is an option.

Trekking in a group has its advantages if your new to trekking as all the homework is done for you, all you need to do is turn up at the time stated. You will be given maps, told what you need, points of interest explained, someone always close by for your security, the pace in general will be slow, you will meet lots of new faces, you are never alone. Some points I don’t like are that you may not move at the pace that suits you, or when you arrive at a narrow part or river crossing it can be extremely slow if you have some people not up to it.

The thing is if its your first time it won’t be a problem and I’m sure you will enjoy the walk anyway, and definitely you will want to go again just to feel the freedom of nature. The best part of going in a group are the people you meet, and even long standing friendships are made. But best of all there is always something to eat afterwards, and talk about your experiences.

So in the end there can only be one choice……Choose what suits you and your needs. I have the perfect compromise I think!..I do both and enjoy company for sure, but I also love the solitude of going alone. Just enjoy your trekking.

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      1. So i take it you don’t go trekking now. I imagine Dubai is not quite the same.


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