I have never known it rain in August, but it was a welcome site for me.

I have never known it rain in August, but it was a welcome site for me. That is how I feel this summer, with temperatures in the 40’s for weeks so it was obvious something had to give. And it did with tropical like storms and flash floods, I had been stuck in my house for weeks frightened to venture out into the intense heat. But worst not being able to go out on my mountain bike exploring the true splendor of nature.

So at last I am able to resume the pastime I enjoy so much, with a short ride into the mountains with one of my dogs, who had no problem to keep up with me over as I pumped those legs for 20 kilometers, only stopping to drink water from the pools that remained after the storms. I would have loved to do more but as the clouds disappeared and the burning sun returned, leaving my water bottle empty, I had no choice but to return to the cool of my house for a very welcome beer before lunch.


3 thoughts on “I have never known it rain in August, but it was a welcome site for me.

  1. Yes, the Sardinians, like many other places in the world have been complaining about the change in regular weather patterns. More rain in winter this past season, lsiradic bouts of rain in summer, heightened mosquito presence. This is my first year here, so to hear people speak of how thibgs are chnaging and suddenly becoming more “tropical” in essence is strange. But I know folks back home in states are also experiencing more extreme weather situations also! What’s happening with our planet?


    1. Thank you for your comments, but for me the rain is more than welcome as i dont have to water my veges so much. This year was very good for fruit and veg so not all bad, plus the lake is full.


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