Now they arrive for a different reason.

Yes now they arrive for a different reason, not just sea sun and beaches. As the crowds head back home to their routines which they had before their holiday, leaving the beaches more or less empty. But that doesn’t mean that there not coming to Sardegna, it’s just the fact they come for a different reason.

Lots of people old and young like to have more active holidays, not lazing on a beach all day and eating in restaurants at night, they like movement and to stay fit, so many now come to go trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kite surfing, plus many other activities and Sardegna is perfect with its warm winter climate and its friendly atmosphere.

If you are out walking you might see me as im out on my mountain bike at least twice a week and always trekking on the weekend, plus i get the odd guest that wants a guide or a solo traveler that wants company, this i do willingly if im not busy as my time is free and its something i enjoy very much.

There are some amazing coastal or mountain walks both with stunning scenery, following the old trails of the miners or the goats, stopping in a panoramic place to eat a sandwich and maybe a glass or two of wine before heading back. A great place to start is in San Benedetto which is a small village just outside Iglesias with many trails starting from the village. There is a lovely apartment there perfect for the outdoor person who loves to be close to nature, it’s called Trekking Cottage Apartment, which can sleep 4 persons comfortably.


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