The housewife that left without a trace… “True story”…

Back in July this year i had a woman who arrived at my apartment in San Benedetto, she did not tell anyone where she was going, she was a “housewife that left without a trace” Yep just packed her bags after reading my blogs on Google and WordPress, but why leave without a trace?… In fact im writing about it because her story is interesting and sadly the plight of many women, so i hope that this will help others with the same problem. ( Dominating husbands )

Women who are abused and dominated by their husband, who find it hard to stand up for themselves who end up even loosing their friends not just their dignity, as they are destroyed by words and made to feel useless and ugly so become slaves in their own home having to be available to all his needs. Fighting back is useless as they even poison the minds of even the children into believing that mum should be doing all the chores even though she has a full-time job as well.

I knew nothing about this person except for the fact that we have communicated on Google about outdoor activities which we seemed to both enjoy very much. Later which was about a year she booked a week in my apartment in San Benedetto which i rent out to mainly outdoor types of people, she said that she would be on her own, which is unusual although these days it’s becoming more frequent, and why not men travel alone so why not women. Anyway i offered to show her around and take her places, so we did spend quite a lot of time together and i was shocked at what came out. Even though she had a full-time job she was still expected to clean, cook, shop, wash, etc and even do the maintenance on the house, while he just came home and watched his favorite football team play on the sports channels. She was scared to moan or complain as he would get abusive and some times aggressive, even having to barricade her self in her bedroom, checking mail and controlling the mobile phone. This woman was 50 years old and wanted some freedom to do some of the things she enjoyed, like taking her dog out for long walks, but it was not possible. So they became separated in the house sleeping in different rooms and not having any love or attention for several years. She wanted to go on holiday but was scared as if he knew he would destroy her passport which is what happened once before, she could not buy new clothes or he might get suspicious, even booking the plane tickets was risky as if he found them they would be destroyed. The holiday had to be planned without him knowing, which was going to be difficult with him checking all mail, bank cards, phone messages etc. So how did she do this?….

First of all she took her passport and plane ticket to her parents, then slowly moved some clothes a bit at a time, then a small suitcase, later changed some money into euros and left it at her parents. It was a bit like the Jews escaping from Germany in the second world war. Then when the day came to leave she put a tent, sleeping bag, and camping equipment into the car, all this was to throw him off the scent and would not come to the airport, she left a note to say she needed space and was going camping in Somerset, then headed off to the airport. Ah freedom at last no more cooking and washing or cleaning the poo he left in the w c and smelling his farts.

But it did not stop there even a few days after she arrived i had a message on my phone from someone saying he was her husband ( he found me from text messages on Google ) and was concerned as she has lost her marbles and not in a good state of mind. ( Dominating husbands do this ) so would like to speak with her. Me being suspicious said that i can not put you in contact with my guest but i will pass on the message and if the person knows or wants to speak with you then that’s up to her as i have to protect guests. He then started to become abusive with me so i blocked him. Then as he obviously checks everything he even text my daughter in England ( his big mistake ) as her job is helping women in this situation. Then his daughter text me and was very abusive, but i would not put them in contact as she did not want to speak with them. In the end i had to warn them that what they are now doing is stalking and i would tell the police. But they kept on and on trying everything to no avail.

Anyway she returned home much stronger than when she left as he attacked her and smashed her phone, barricaded herself into her bedroom, the police were called, with him saying that she attacked him but the police smelt a rat and are now helping her by giving her locks to put on her room and a contact number, plus she will get legal aid if she needs it. She is now going through divorce proceedings and is moving out of the house untill its gone through. This is a true story based on the facts that i was told.


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