Life without a phone. .

Life without a phone is possible, and for some people it has become a way of life. Now many of my guests come to the Trekking cottage apartment in the lost village of San Benedetto for that reason. …. No phone signal. I know it’s hard to believe but its true, it must be the last place on this planet without a signal. So when you stay here you can be rest assured that your boss or wife won’t find you, you can relax and listen to the sheep bell’s ringing and the chickens cock a doodle doing. You will have to put up with people giving you fruit & vegetables, or abandoned dogs befriending you for a snack, you might even have to taste some local wine which is sold on draught at the local shop, but be warned as it’s blow your socks off wine so don’t drive after. Anyway its a good job there is wifi just in case. ………


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