This was so tired.

Although we still have summer here, the days are getting shorter, and the trekking season is upon us. One of the best ways to explore and indulge in nature is to put on your boots and rucksack then hit the trail. There is nothing better than to find a nice panoramic spot to then sit and eat your pack lunch, also maybe some wine, well it is fruit in a way, that’s what i keep telling myself. That’s exactly what i did when i found this old and very tired bench which has probably been their for many years, probably put there by the miners that used these trails back in the mining era. One can just imagine two men in their work clothes escaping for a while to eat their lunch that there adorable wife made for then the night before as they would have been up at the crack of dawn to walk to the numerous small galleries that you will find in San Benedetto. Life must have been so hard back then but in a way i admire them and jealous for what they had, Now its all gone, only the village of San Benedetto remains but it’s disappearing slowly also. But there is hope on the way. People are discovering the true value of this mountain village with a history a bit different from most, and much of it still there to see, with old rail tracks still there in places, some even with the old trains which were abandoned with the mines when they closed. When you walk the trails if you look closely you will find some of the minerals that were mined in this area, but more and more difficult as people collect there souvenirs. When you walk these trails you cant help but imagine how life was back in the mining days when San Benedetto was a thriving village with shops, bars, pizzeria, hairdresser, in fact a small contained village and very well organised where there was work on the doorstep and everthing you needed to survive. It was a perfect system where you got paid for working in the mines, then you spent your hard earned cash in the village so really the owners of the mine got most of the money back in rent, and what they spent in the shops, but at least they were happy with no worries except to work, eat, and sleep. So what has changed? Now we eat and sleep…………. 


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