As the seasons change so do the recipes. This is so important for us.

As we head into Autumn the food we grow or what is available changes, so we “must” as well. This is so important for us to eat the seasonal vegetables. So here is a simple idea which is cheap and cheerful. Radicchio ( Red Lettice ) and spinach.

Very easy to make, just heat some olive oil in a pan, add Garlic, Chilli, chop up the vegetables, wash and add to the oil, stir well cover and simmer for about 10 minutes or until it seems cooked, which is when all the water in the vegetables has evaporated, add a bit more oil then add your cooked pasta or rice to the mixture, stir and mix well then serve topped with grated cheese. This is also nice as a side dish with meat or to make parcels. Try it.  It is always better to eat what is in season to get the right vitamins.






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