Kids don’t play anymore or do they?

My daughter with her two children came last week for a late holiday in Sardegna during the half term holidays. We went to some amazing places and beaches, but all they did 24/7 was play with there phones, moaning if we walked anywhere, refusing to even go for a swim in the lovely crystal clear and warm Mediterranean sea. Maybe its our faults spending to much time blogging or catching up on social networks, still for me it seems sad that they don’t want to be active in anyway or am I just being a typical grandad?


6 thoughts on “Kids don’t play anymore or do they?

  1. No,I think that you are right. I manage a bar. People come in and sit down with their phones rather than interacting with other people. I am sure that half the time they are cruising social sites to see what everyone else is doing (FOMO), rather than meeting new people and enjoying themselves. A sign of our times I am sorry to say. 😎


    1. Maybe its us for thinking they are sorry. Times are changing and we dont like the change. But for them its great, but im happy i grew up when i did…


  2. Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a follow. I’d gladly follow you also. You are so right about our young people miss so much by being confined to a box.


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