Not everybody likes to stay in a small village.

Although my apartment at San Benedetto is very comfortable and most of the people who choose to stay in Trekking cottage apartment. are very happy, as they like to be close to nature, with beautiful walks from the front door. Many explore the surrounding mountains and visit the national park of Marganai, where you will find the biggest natural oak forest in Europe, with trails that don’t end, yes its a trekking paradise, or the botanical garden at Casa Marganai, then if you dont want just mountains, there are the coastal paths which start just 15 minutes drive from the apartment at the beach of Fontanamare. But not everyone wants this type of holiday even though we are getting fantastic reviews What people are saying. So i came up with the idea of renting out Other properties in Sardegna. This way i can usually find what you might be looking for if you are not the outdoor type or need to be around lots of people, most have swimming pools shared and private with sea views, and all within an hour from Cagliari airport. You will find all the properties listed in Home & Away, Airbnb, Tripadviser or contact me direct and save agency fees which could be as much as 250 euro’s on a weeks stay in July or August. Anyway whichever way you decide to book i will be waiting to give you a warm welcome.

Large villas with pools are hard to find this close to the sea.

13 thoughts on “Not everybody likes to stay in a small village.

  1. Sounds like you have a good set up over there catering for everybody’s needs and desires of a good holiday…


  2. Well sometimes it’s an age thing. the spirit may desire to climb the mountains, but the aching knees say think again! lovely pics, lovely dog milo! Sounds like it would VERY pricey to rent a small villa within walking distance of a beach but there you have it. I also wonder about the boat people situation. But it looks like you have a rugged but great life! good for you . cheers.


      1. I admire that life, as I am, too, at heart, an anchorite. I have been thinking of Sardinia for some time — many years even. I am going to read more of your blog in the next hour before I go about my day (it is dawn here in Florida, as I write this). I am also going to write a new post about of my long term interest in Sardinia. But let me ask you something, given that you dabble in real estate: if I wanted to a rent a very simple basic place in Nebida, I am talking simple, with minimum comforts — do you think you could help me find such a place starting in April 1? I am interested in a long term stay, but would cut it short and maybe head to the wild mountains for a spell, during the summer, if I had to get away from the coast by the start of high season…. I look forward to your reply, but I am not in the market for a villa that goes for hundreds of euros a night, just something that is more of a poor writer’s shack or small flat. cheers. ps I will put up my email addy in the About section, if you choose to reply in private.


      2. I will see what i can do.. but will depend on how long you want to stay.


      3. I am flexible. I was thinking start of April till around end of Sept – the 6 month EU limit in Schengen. Many thanks; I look forward to any news in that regard.


      4. Correction to earlier reply. My intent, initially, is to stay 6 months. However, US citizens can only stay 3 legally in Schengen (I thought it was 6). Thus I would have to have a place already rented by early March, in order to apply for a residenza at an anagrafe office in Sardinia with my UK/EU passport (per, as I am a dual citizen. I hope this clarifies the question. Let;s take any further discussion of this via email (mine is in the About section of my blog). Again, thanx!


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