The old trails of the miners at the village of San Benedetto, Iglesias.

The village of San Benedetto is not very well-known, so sometimes called the lost village. Its located just outside Iglesias southwest Sardegna. map location Just above the village one of the trails will lead you to this old train track, left abandoned by the miners when the mines closed, leaving a ghost like experience of how it was. But slowly its disappearing as people take souvenirs which is a shame. But there is now some hope as there is talk of preserving this track and reopen the mining shafts as a tourist attraction to create jobs. The trail is very interesting and you soon see how tough it was back in the mining days, passing many interesting things and small mines, which you should never enter without a professional guide or permission. You will find along the trail many minerals that were mined with traces of zinc, lead, iron, and if you are really lucky silver. The village once was rich with a thriving community, but now it’s slowly being abandoned. There is even a Domus de Janas which is a Stone age home . Domus de Janas. So now is a good time to visit as it’s still free to all that hike along the old miners paths of San Benedetto.

San Benedetto, Iglesias, Sardegna
I could not believe what i was seeing.
San Benedetto, Iglesias, Sardegna
You can just imagine how it was.
San Benedetto, Iglesias, Sardegna
Fantastic to see but you must go careful as its very dangerous.

5 thoughts on “The old trails of the miners at the village of San Benedetto, Iglesias.

  1. It’s a shame it is being destroyed by the tourists ,they should be enjoying it instead , hopefully it will be restored enough for others to enjoy 🙂🙂


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