More people request adventure holidays these days..

Something i have discovered over the last few years, is that more people request adventure holidays these days. Ok im not an expert or a travel agent, but i have been renting out privately owned homes for some years so based on what i have experienced i am finding this the case, except from the middle of July to the end of August. This is probably because of school holidays, so the traditional beach holiday is required to keep the kids happy while the parents relax by the pool or laid out on a beach and eating in restaurant’s in the evening so as not to cook. I remember this type of holiday myself well with our annual trip to spain was obligatory as we had a holiday home on the Costa Bianca. Now with many more couples not having children as to better their careers with most not even married, they seem to want travel holidays with some adventure because there work does not give them much time off for hobbies or sport, so staying sometimes only a few days in each place, plus now with the likes of  Airbnb  Short stay holidays in private properties are now possible or even direct with owners or managers so no booking fees or costs added. I have several properties on my books which are all privately owned with some more or less on the beach, in a complex with a pool, luxury villa with private pool. These i have no problem renting during the peak season, but i have seen a decline for the low season over the last few years, probably due to cost as well, because if you rent a house next to a beach you won’t want to go to that beach every day, you may want to explore so still need a car to shop or to get around.

Villa, swimming pool, Sardegna.
If you just want to relax.

Just to give you an idea, a villa with its own pool will set you back around £1,500 for a weeks stay, so maybe for two persons works out expensive. An apartment with a sea view and shared pool is going to set you back around £800 so still may not be convenient. An apartment just 15 minutes from the beach set in a very peaceful setting with all the same things inside will set you back around £250 to £400 for your weeks stay. So like i said it could be costs, but i have also noticed more people arriving with rucksack and walking boots and asking about activities like trekking, mountain biking, visiting mining relics of the past, coastal walks etc. Many i assist and even take to see things that they may not have discovered alone. My own apartment Trekking cottage apartment Is booked normally from around March onwards and right through to christmas, with many staying just a couple of nights to explore this lovely region of Sardegna. When i have asked them why did you pick this place, most said as they love the peace and quiet and love to have an active holiday and go trekking or mountain biking. Anyway whatever the reason the trend is to have a more adventurous holiday not just stay on the same beach all day….

Trekking from San Benedetto, Iglesias.
Trekking from San Benedetto, Iglesias.

7 thoughts on “More people request adventure holidays these days..

  1. It’s true beach holidays were the norm when you had kids but if you are single or married and old enough that you had already experienced that then it’s the ideal time to open your eyes to something new and experience and actually enjoy ….


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