After a storm, there is always the calm.

They say that after a storm their is always the calm. This was the case a few days ago when i thought i would take a stroll along Funtanamare or also Fontanamare beach at Iglesias, southwest Sardegna. I decided to go late afternoon and take my Dog Milo for a nice stroll and watch the last breaths of sun as it drops from view. We arrived way to early so decided to explore the beach first to see if we can find any interesting shells or fossils. We did not find much so continued walking along this spectacular beach of 3klms of golden sand, which can be tough in places as the sand is so soft and deep, then we returned passing through a pine forest which was planted many years ago to halt the shifting sands which were slowly engulfing everything in its path. Now the forest has created small sand dunes which grow every year as the sand gets blown by the strong Mistrale winds that are quite frequent on this coast. By the time we returned the sun was just starting to go down, so we stopped next to some Bass fishermen which this beach is famous for, Milo was fascinated by them and watched there rods in hope to see it move as a big bass takes the bait. we were not lucky this time. The sun finely sank and was a wonderful sight, which made me feel special inside for some reason, with goose pimples on my arms and legs. I Clicked away until it was not there any more, but i was happy i had seen the last breath.

I often stroll along this beach at Funtanamare, the main beach of Iglesias in Sardegna. Late afternoon as the sun goes down, just to watch the last breath.
After a storm there is always the calm, at funtanamare beach, you can almost hear the gentle relaxing sound of the sea in this photo.
Milo sat there in hope that he might get a bite.
We positioned ourselves next to the bass fishermen to watch the last breaths.

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