Cant wait to get back in the saddle.

Have not been on my mountain bike for quite some time due to one thing or another, plus i had a small op and was told to stay firm for at least a month. Its felt like being in prison not being able to go trekking or mountain biking, so counting the days with just 10 days to go. I have made a few short walks along the beach to slowly get prepared for the big day. It’s strange how we take it for granted when we feel well, thinking that it will always be fine, so when there is something not quite right, it hits hard. The good thing is that here in Sardegna the winters are kind, so remains quite warm, giving me plenty of days to catch up. As soon as im out and about again i will be off to Trekking cottage for a long weekend in the mountains of Iglesias.

Iglesias, sardegna, mountain bike, trekking.
There are some great trails in Iglesias for mountain biking or trekking.

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