Oh yes im happy to stay put.

When I hear people talking about traveling all the time, i think! they waste so much time traveling that they don’t actually see that much, so “oh yes im happy to stay put” At this time of the year at San Benedetto its a good time to go looking for mushrooms, a lovely way to explore the forest and enter deep into its arms as they fold around you, shutting out the winds that can blow quite cold some days. I usually take Milo one of my dogs as he seems to sniff out the mushrooms on my behalf, but i have to go careful and make sure i don’t pick any which might be dangerous, i love the solitude of being alone in a vast forest, and sometimes spend all day, so need to take some food for lunch. Quite often i will leave my car near one of the picnic areas where there are wooden tables and benches, so i can cook for me and of course Milo. He loves the Sardinian sausages and so do i with a couple of bread rolls and maybe a glass of wine, so i take a small gas camping stove, i even make a nice coffee afterwards before continuing deeper into the forest, sometimes we cover over 15 klms in a day, so it’s always nice to get back home and remove the boots and light the wood burner. Many of my guests have experienced this when they stay atTrekking Cottage.

Milo is always on guard.
Looking for mushrooms with Milo in the forest of Marganai.
Lunch times are so special deep in the forest.

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