For all of you that like cooking.

This is for all of you that like cooking but don’t have much time to cook, or maybe your just in a hurry but fancy something different. Swordfish with pasta or rice. I cook this at least once a week mainly because i like it and its quick.

I bought 2 Swordfish steaks for this, it’s not cheap but cut up into pieces and added to pasta will feed 4 so not too bad . these 2 cost around 10 euros or £8
First i put olive oil into the pan, then garlic, chilli, cut the Swordfish into cubes about half an inch a few cherry tomatoes, cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes add some white wine, i put about half a wine glass but you can add what you feel, or even just some water if you don’t like to add wine. Then simmer for more or less the time it takes to heat and cook the pasta or rice, this way they are ready together. Or untill most of the liquid has reduced to a nice sauce.
After about 15 minutes it should look something like this, now you can add salt and garnish with parsley before adding to pasta.
After adding parsley ( optional ) it should look like this. Now add to pasta or rice. I used spaghetti but you can use short pasta as well. Enjoy your meal.

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