The temptation was too much.

I should really have waited another week according to what i was told, after my op, but the temptation was too much. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, not much wind, and most of all i was feeling great, how can i resist a day like this when i know there is going to be an amazing sunset as the sun retreats behind the mountains at the back of where i live. Anyway if i take it very slow it should be fine, so i left taking Maya with me one, of my German Shepherds. This is what we found.

Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
I could see from my garden that the sun had all ready started to drop.
Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
When we arrived and started our climb, the sun was already quite low, so we needed to hurry.
Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
We stopped half way to admire the view and take a breather.
Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
At the top it was a special feeling watching its last breath, I could feel the cold as the temp dropped.
Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
Maya watched with me.
Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
And finally we had our sunset, but now we have to return in the dark.
Trekking cottage, sunset, Sardegna
On our way back we looked for mushrooms with a torch. They show up well in the night, shining like stars.

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