The village that time forgot!!

The village of San Benedetto is nestled nicely between the mountains of Marganai, almost forgotten and well off the beaten track, close to Iglesias on the southwest coast of Sardegna / Sardinia. This quiet village just 15 mins from some of the best beaches that one could imagine, but for me and much more important is its past which if you walk around and explore you will find many remains of its mining past of when this village was thriving with shops, bars, pizzeria, hairdresser etc. Lately i have been trekking a lot in and around the village of San Benedetto to take photos of some of its past.

San Benedetto, Iglesias
High above the village of San Benedetto i sat and was amazed at the quietness of this hamlet.
San Benedetto, Iglesias
The sunsets are amazing at San Benedetto, Iglesias
San Benedetto, Iglesias.
Just a short walk along one of the old trails which used to be the train track for the mines. Which now are abandoned, you will come across this.
San Benedetto, Iglesias.
Still in the position that the miners left it when they downed tools.
San Benedetto, Iglesias.
One can imagine how it was.
San Benedetto, Iglesias.
The countryside around is amazing with spectacular views all angles.
porto paglia, sardegna, trekking, cottage,
Just 15 minutes drive and you have this beach at Porto Paglia. This is one of my favorite beaches, popular for surfing after a storm. Quite often being the only one on the beach, like this lone surfer looking for a perfect wave.
porto paglia, sardegna,trekking, cottage,
You will even find remains of its fishing past at Porto Paglia, Sardegna.

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