Good job they got the weather forcast wrong!

Thursday i had arranged to go trekking in the mountains with some friends, but the forecast was not looking good and predicted strong winds and the possibility of snow at around 500mts with temps below freezing. So as we were planning to climb to around 700mts i have to say i was dubious about going, so made the decision to meet my friends in a bar for coffee and decide in the morning. What a good job we did as the day although very cold was beautiful with not a cloud in the sky almost, and brilliant sunshine with almost no wind. So we went as planned and im so glad we did as it was to say the least a lovely day and we trekked over 10 klms along mostly single track trails with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forest. The best surprise though was finding wild Orchids so early in the year.

trekking, domusnovas
The views were breathtaking when we reached 700mts A.S.L
Trekking, Sardegna
We walked along mainly single track trails in the dense forest.
trekking, sardegna
This dog enjoyed the view.
Dont look down.
We even entered abandoned mines.
We came across many old mines along the trail.
There were lots of ruins to explore.
The first wild orchids of 2019. They are early this year and such a nice surprise.




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