Would you use a booking agent to book your holiday.

One question i would like to ask? If you were booking your family holiday abroad, would you use a booking agent to book your holiday or would you search the area locally to try to book direct with the owner. After looking at all the facts it definitely costs a lot less booking direct, but are you prepared to risk paying a deposit to a person you don’t know living in another country.

So before you make up your mind here is an idea on what you might pay using one of the major booking companies. Lets base it on a family holiday costing around 1,000 € or £ . Based on quotes from these agents.

Tripadvisor. Guest pays 1,399. 58€ the owner gets paid 1,094.13€ ( fee 305.45€ )

Home & away guest pays £1,229. The owner gets paid £1,078.15 ( fee £150.85. )

Airbnb. Guest pays 1,182€ the owner gets paid. 1,016€ ( fee 166€ )

Book direct. Lets say the rental cost is 1,078€ you pay 1,078€ ( fee 0 )

All over 150 € or £ added on which is almost the cost of car rental for a week.

When i book a holiday i look in the local free papers in the place where i want to go and then book direct,, saving pounds and never had a problem.



3 thoughts on “Would you use a booking agent to book your holiday.

  1. Well speaking from experience… I found that if you have good communication right from the start with the owner and they give you all the information that you need and actually make the effort of making your holiday one to remember by adding little touches ie a welcome pack and guides to the area even going the extra mile and picking up from the airport if need be and showing the beauty of your country..then yes I would do it again 🤗🤗


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