I just had to try.

After seeing this recipe posted by https://wp.me/p5Mhr6-88D (Beauty beyond bones.) I just had to try it, although i did change one or two things as i used what i had. I added chilli lots of it, and fine grated cheese on top, and i must say it was delicious to say the least especialy with a nice rose wine and wood burner going…. This recipe is a must for all you i dont know what to cook, being simple and fast.


10 thoughts on “I just had to try.

      1. Yes but make sure you have some core in each slice of a tightly wrapped white cabbage. Then add what you like. I added some smoky bacon bits as well to give it a bbq taste.

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    1. Yes you are right its peperoncini but its ok once you get used to it. I use it in everthing. You could grow your own.

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      1. I do plan to grow my own dill weed and cilantro, two things I very much miss from the states. To answer your question, I ended up here one year ago when I relocated with my Sardinian husband and 2 year old little boy.

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