Trekking solo with Milo to try out the BBQ.

I just had to go and test it in the wild, or it wouldn’t be the same. So i decided to take Milo my German Shepherd for company. The route we chose is a route in the sand dunes at Porto Paglia this is one of my favorite trails as it’s in soft sand with panoramic views all the way even though the going can be tough in places. basically the B-B-Q consists of an empty can which the contents were tomatoes, i drilled a few holes, cut up an old metal coat hanger, then in ten minutes it was ready. I first tried it at home and made a nice coffee but i wanted to test it for cooking a steak or something, because if i go on an all night-er i will have something that’s ecological, light, be able to cook or make coffee using wood, plus give me some heat if i need it. It passed all the tests but i needed to use a bike pump to stoke up the heat from time to time. The other options are gas or alcohol which im against, plus lighting open fires are banned. It’s not professional and looks crude, but it cost me nothing and works which gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Our first stop was to look at the old roman watch tower, which im sorry to say has been destroyed slowly by the stormy seas of Porto Paglia.
Milo loves to look at the sea, and watch the waves.
The views are endless.
We decided to stop here to try out my home-made one man B-B-Q, as we liked the view.
I lit the wood and added some charcoal, then after about 10 minutes or so i placed a nice pork steak on top. I opened a can of beer while watching it cook, it was working better than expected although it did take quite long to cook, so next time more wood i think.
At this point Milo was getting board waiting for it to cook, but i told him to be patient. I tried to explain in the best way i could, not sure if he understood and seemed to be a bit sad.
Is it ready yet, my tongue is hanging out..😂 almost but i get mine first.
Looks about ready, so i gave him the bone first.
Into the bread roll at last, it was very nice i have to say.
Into the car for the trip home, both happy with the results.

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