Love a canoe in Sardegna.

Love a canoe in Sardegna. Now its possible at the Trekking cottage apartment. Someone will take you and a canoe to masua or maybe the lagoon so you can canoe along some of the best coasts in Sardegna. Then come back later to pick you up from the same beach or further along the coast. At the moment we only have 2 canoes available so booking in advance is always best. This is limited to my guests only staying at Trekking cottage. Or Other holiday homes.

How would you like to have a canoe in Sardegna. We will take you and a canoe to see and explore some of Sardinia’s best kept secrets.
Can you imagine the peace and relaxation that you will find in a canoe in the Mediterranean.
Just imagine entering the sea caves at Masua or Carloforte.
canoe,pan di zucherro,paddle
Paddle your canoe through the cave of Pan di .
canoe,nebida,masua,cala domestica
The vast rocks of the cliffs along the coast from Nebida to Cala Domestica are daunting.
Are you brave enough to enter the narrow caves of Masua in a canoe.

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