Rough rugged but not ready.

On Sunday I met my friends for our trekking adventure in the province of Nuoro at a place called Oliena. Our plan was to drive up Monte Maccione to a hight of 800mt, then from there we would hike the rest to arrive at 1,400mt. At first there was a gravel road as we started to climb the twisting trail that would take us to the summit of Sos Nidos. The air was still with only the occasional sound of a woodpecker working the wood, or the cries of buzzards as they circled overhead in search or carrion, it was like they were watching us and stood guard over this awsome mountain. Although the going was difficult as there were large stones, so tough on the joints, but I thought it was pleasant and soon forgot about it as the view just got better as we climbed, stopping from time to time to take photos while the rest carried on, only to stop and shout Steve come on why are you so far behind, I responded somebody needs to take photos whilst thinking it seems strange that they don’t want to stop and admire the view, but they continued like lemmings in there quest to reach the top. Then after a few kilometres we started going off-road taking a single track which became no track and I was thinking this is beautiful, being rough, rugged, but I wasn’t ready for this and I knew my feet and legs are going to suffer as we clambered up and down large rocks with deep crevices over slippery slopes on our way to the summit, then as I jump a crevice I felt a deep pain in my left thigh which at times was excruciating it felt like my hamstring. I kept on going and did make it to the summit. Now it felt like I was on top of Everest, where I sat and thought it was worth the effort. After about 30 minutes rest taking photos it was time to head back along a different route even more gruelling having to actually climb down a canyon to reach our rendezvous for lunch. Now I have a pain in the right leg to make things worse, then a bit later both of my feet and toes. This is unusual for me and it’s a first but why this pain I’m fit enough I think. Finally we stopped for lunch at an old abandoned shepherd’s hut, with my boots coming off straight away aaahhhh it felt lovely with the pain slowly going. I ate my packed lunch, took more photos, sent off a few on the social network, then time to head back.

After 10 minutes or so the pain returned with vengeance I was in agony and still 6klm to go. I did make it back to the car and we headed off back home. After a pit stop in a bar for a well deserved beer of course.

It took me until today Friday for the pain to go away. What caused the pain I’m not sure, but after reading as many articles that I could I came to the conclusion it was because I had been sat in a car for 3 hours then stepping out into the cold -3° in the mountains, then walking without stretching plus I think my boots are to rigid so my joints and muscles felt all the shocks as they held my ankles firm transferring the shock to my knees, so each twist and jump I felt it at my knees. So now new boots and I will stretch before and after each adventure.

The first part was easy but the loose large gravel made it slow to climb.
At this point we went off-road
The going started to get tough
Sometimes dangerous.
The view was worth the climb.
Trekking, Nuoro, Sardegna
Climbing down this Canyon was not fun.
Trekking, mountain, Nuoro, Sardegna
We arrived at this old shepherd’s hut, where we ate our lunch.
Trekking, mountain, Nuoro, Sardegna
We made our way back to the car with just 6klm to go.
Trekking, mountain, Nuoro, Sardegna
The views were awsome with some snow capped mountains in the distance.

4 thoughts on “Rough rugged but not ready.

  1. Shame you didn’t warm up first … ruins a good day … hope you are recovered now and take your time in future …


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